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Our company

For more than five decades we have been active in the field of store equipment and professional catering equipment and machinery.

A solution for every need

From our first day of operation, we provide for every need and ensure the best possible coverage. We offer state-of-the-art professional equipment, remaining firmly focused on the principles of quality, flexibility and manufacturing excellence. Our many years of experience enable us to manufacture, select and supply machinery that adequately meets every modern requirement. Guided by your needs, we set parameters in our product range, offering customized solutions. A reference point in the relationship we build with you is our personalised after-sales service: whatever comes up, we are there for you.

At SARIDIS company, we are firmly
on your side.


Catering, one of the most competitive and demanding industries, leaves no room for mishandling and requires meticulous attention to every detail. Carefully selected and reliable equipment is the only way to success. By choosing us, you not only equip your business with quality, but you also gain a partner you can turn to for anything that comes up along the way.

Your success
is also
our success.


Just as every person is different, so every business has its own special characteristics. Our desire is to understand its needs and offer the solutions that will ensure its long-time success. Thus, every product we design and manufacture plays its own role in achieving the goals of each entrepreneur who trusts us. With this principle as a starting point, we attempt to give shape to your every wish.

We understand
the needs. We offer
the solutions.


Your needs guide us in creating products that come to respond in the most complete way to the increased challenges of your professional everyday life. Our goal is to offer every catering professional and not only, the means and tools that will allow him to get his business where he envisions, building relationships of mutual trust with him, based on the values of quality and integrity.

with you


  • Result orientation
  • Customer-centric culture
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Reliability and Transparency
We operate responsibly

At Saridis company we believe in the strength and dynamics of our team, which consists of top executives, scientific and technical staff of all levels, with vision, passion and the required expertise. We do our best every day to meet every construction challenge, utilizing our talents, knowledge and undiminished appetite for excellent results.

All our machines come with a warranty, comprehensive service and a full range of spare parts. In addition, we have the necessary certifications that ensure top quality and compliance with European legislation and the strictest manufacturing standards.

At Saridis company, we operate responsibly with our eyes focused on tomorrow. By developing our business around the axes of sustainability and viability, returning value to the community and supporting in practise those in need, we contribute in any way we can to achieving conditions of prosperity for society as whole.

Start of activity
Foundation of I. Saridis company in Serres
Relocation to new state-of-the-art facilities at the Industrial Area of Kavalari-Thessaloniki
Alongside the professional

We are constantly investing in new technologies that allow us to become more competent in the face of every construction challenge. We are looking forward to the next day and are constantly on the alert.


We create solutions based on the requirements of the business world and each of our costumers individually. Our approach is personalized, but the result is excellent every time.


From the first contact, until after the sale, we build relationships of trust with all the professionals who choose us. Our costumers’ success is our success.

A solution of any need.

Our industrial headquarters is located in the Industrial Area of Kavalari, in new state-of-the-art privately owned facilities, with a total area of   1,000 sq.m. There we have a dynamic production department, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, where every day we manufacture products of unsurpassed quality, fully compliant with European legislation and in accordance with the strictest manufacturing standards.

At the same time, we have our own storage facilities for products and raw materials in Srymoniko Serres as well as a fully equipped showroom in the center of Serres, where we welcome existing and potential customers to discuss their needs and find the best possible solutions together.