Smart Functions dev2 January 31, 2023

Smart Functions

Technology of tomorrow.

In the era of digital transformation, smart features are here to stay.

Our products can be equipped with an efficient remote monitoring system, which allows their control at any time. With a simple Wi-Fi connection, the control unit connects to the Cloud platform, allowing remote management of devices from different mobile devices via an app, downloadable to a tablet or smartphone.

Advantages of remote monitoring

  • Device activation and deactivation
  • Display of the operation stage
  • Operating cycle analysis of the device in a diagram
  • Remote configuration of operating settings
  • Notifications and management of potential failures or abnormal operation
  • Remote control of correct operation by a technician
  • HACCP reports (sanitary)

Industry 4.0
Intelligent functions in the production process

New digital trends

Remaining in tune with the emerging digital business trends and in order to optimize our services and our efficiency, Saridis has integrated ‘’smart’’ functions in the production process, in line with Industry 4.0 data.

In practise

We use state-of-the-art software and ERP and MES systems to obtain direct digital access and overall supervision of every stage of the production process, remotely, in real time and without wasting physical resources.

Full traceability

Through touchscreens at each workstation and a central management panel that displays the true state of production in real time, up to the ability to control the workload, the correct scheduling of resources, but also the assurance of quality throughout the entire production range.

Performance maximisation

By recording every action, what is achieved overall is the maximization of efficiency, the minimization of losses and a better assessment of the overall picture of the production process.