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In the success of any customized manufacturing, everything starts with the proper study of the space. With the appropriate measurements and the methodical identification of the individual requirements, we are able to find the most suitable solutions. Those that combine the principles of functionality with beautiful design and ergonomics, achieving excellent use of space and maximum efficiency.

Education – Information – Consulting

The catering landscape is changing every day at a rapid pace. New technologies and machinery, innovative equipment and techniques, set new standards for success. Anyone who does not evolve, sooner or later, is left out of the market.

At Saridis, we consider it an important part of our job and our duty to keep up with global trends in cuisine, so that we can in turn share the knowledge with all of you.

Our role doesn’t stop at equipping your business with the necessary machinery, but also extends to equipping you with the supplies and knowledge you need to excel.

We organize seminars in collaboration with qualified staff and renowned chefs, training you, your staff and every person who loves cooking!

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Manufacture of catering equipment

The machines we manufacture are distinguished for their quality, durability and design. Most of all, they are distinguished by their flexibility and adaptability to your specific needs. All of them are accompanied by certifications, warranty, full service and a complete range of spare parts.
We design and manufacture exclusively for you, special orders, in the dimensions and with the specifications you define.

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Professional equipment rental

Do you have short-terms needs? We have the solution. We undertake the rental of professional equipment, catering equipment and professional refrigerators for local or international exhibitions but also any other ephemeral need of your business.

Equipment – catering machinery & spare parts

In addition to the products we manufacture ourselves, we represent and sell a full range of equipment, machinery and spare parts from well-known brands such as Rational, Wega, Tecnoinox, Sirman, Infrico, Fiorini, Everlasting, PrismaFood, Bocchini, Velma and Zumoval. All of them are distinguished for their high quality and are certified according to international standards. We provide a warranty, full service by qualified staff and a complete range of spare parts for our import machines.

Technical support – Service

We are by your side after the sale. We take care of the installation, maintenance and repair of the machines with flexibility, consistency and professionalism. Wherever you are, a technician from our company comes to your place after the sale, undertaking the installation of your new equipment. Upon completion of the installation, your staff will be trained in the correct operation and use of the machines.