Chocolate maker JOHNY AK15



The chocolate maker JOHNY AK15 is equipped:

Transparent detachable 5 litre polycarbonate bucket, suitable for food, for easy cleaning and the possibility of keeping the chocolate in the fridge (long-life milk is recommended), without the need to tranfer it to another container for reuse the next day.

A tap from which the user can easily obtain hot chocolate, which is ergonomically designed to be easily removed and cleaned.

Detachable stirrer, for easy cleaning.

Illuminated general ON/OFF switch

Thermostat and resistance 1 kW.

30 rpm ventilated motor for stirring, with thermal safety

Lid with blinds and with a second removable lid from the base for better ventilation of the bucket

Heat transmission from aluminium plate with stainless steel coating, suitable for foodstuffs.

Safety thermostat to protect the device.